What we offer
A Bendigo Baptist Church Internship is a hands on, roll-up-your sleeves ministry opportunity where you will be trained and discipled by experienced ministry leaders. This Internship is more than an opportunity to simply learn, it is an invitation to grow as a disciple in your relationship and knowledge of God, increase you dependence on His leading and to continue the mission of Jesus. All Internships are voluntary; however you will have the opportunity to undertaking formal Ministry and Theological Studies. The internship is a 24 months commitment as you "follow. Jesus, be transformed by Him, and commit to His mission." (Matthew 4:19)
APPLICATIONS NOW OPEN (Please download the application form here or download the information on this page here.)

Discipleship and Growth
You will have opportunities to engage with God and His Word as you seek to practically and effectively live out your Faith. You will learn what it is to be a Disciple of Jesus who makes disciples in the everyday stuff of life. You will grow and be challenged in your faith as you undertake and debrief ministry experiences while you discover who God has designed you to be. You will be equipped, empowered and released!

Study and Training
You will receive quality training by Pastors, Ministry staff, and the Internship Student Support worker as you undertake your ministry placement and formal studies in Ministry. This study training pathway is provided in partnership with the Australian College of Ministries (ACOM). ACOM is a Member Institute of the Sydney College of Divinity who offer internationally recognized higher education awards. As a part of the Internship, you will undertake a nationally recognized Diploma of Ministry with Australian College of Ministries (ACOM), accredited through the Sydney School of Divinity.

Ministry Placement
You will have the opportunity to thrive and launch into your passion and gifting areas in a big way. Your God given gifts and talents will be channelled into practical (structured and creative) ministry opportunities as led by the Holy Spirit. You will have the chance to learn from extremely gifted and experienced Ministry leaders as you prepare for a life of ministry post the Internship. You will have the opportunity to ‘Dream’ as you seek the Holy Spirit to develop unique and new ministry opportunities to address needs in people’s lives.


What ministry streams can I do an Internship in?

internship cmChildren & Youth Ministry Internship

Children Ministry

Be involved in a children’s ministry team that has a passion and unlimited opportunities for helping children come to know, love and follow Jesus. You will be involved in planning and leading weekly ministry activities across both BBC campuses and partnering with families as they seek to disciple their children.

internship clChurch Life Internship

Here’s a great opportunity to be a part the Pastoral Care ministry at BBC. Interns will have the opportunity to grow in their understanding of what it means to follow after and be on mission with Jesus, in the pastoral care context. Individuals will be given the opportunity to be involved with visitation, strategic acts of encouragement, assist to connect newcomers into the life of the church and care for those in need within the community. You will be given a closer look at the behind the scenes workings of the Pastoral Care here at BBC and how that fits with being shaped and on mission with

Jesus. You will be enriched by the experience and walk away with the ‘know how’ to lead and serve in this privileged and vital ministry area.

internship liLocal Impact Internship (Community Engagement)

If you have a heart for the vulnerable, the oppressed and particularly those who do not know Jesus in our community, this Internship is for you.  You will have the opportunity to interact with people in the community to identify and respond to ministry needs (on the front line so to speak) amongst people through innovative MADCOW (Make a Difference, Change our World) ministry initiatives. 

You will be working closely with our Campus Pastor to build strategic and influential relationships within key community groups to engage with them in a meaningful, creative and innovative way.  You will receive training and have opportunities to dream big to implement what you learn into practice through an ‘action, reflection, action’ training process.  You will be a vital part of a church ministry team and attend relevant training and conferences.  Upon completion of the internship, you will have gained valuable training, experience and drive to push into further ministry opportunities.  You are guaranteed to grow and developed personally and have a clearer understanding of what Jesus meant when he said: “go and make disciples of all nations.”

internship liLocal Impact Internship (Bendigo Baptist Community Care Inc)

Have you ever dreamed of making a difference and changing our world? By showing God’s love in practical ways, we can help those in need and give them a great sense of community and belonging. Take an active role on the front line of local mission work right here in Bendigo. Help plant the seed of hope with those that are yet to know the love of God.

· MADCOW (Make a Difference Change our World) initiatives.

· Playgroups – for Mums and young children

· Nexus Youth Theatre – for youth in years 7 to 12

· Life Essentials - community hub and MADCOW café

  • Community breakfast – connecting with those in need
  • Food and practical assistance to the vulnerable and marginalised
  • Sales of recycled goods

· Multicultural support –including MADCOW cleaning enterprise

· 1Hope – mentoring primary and secondary aged children

internship cmmCommunication and Media Internship

Do you have an interest in using your creative and administrative skills to assist with vital communication across our campuses at BBC? We would love to have you join the communication team as we endeavor to support and develop the wide and diverse ministry needs of this growing regional church. Opportunities to explore and develop your potential in this ministry area abound. You will receive input from gifted individuals and have opportunities to involve yourself in graphic design, video, weekly bulletins along with input into our electronic media communications through Facebook, e-news and our church website. An internship in the important area of communications and media will be both a transformative and valuable experience that will undoubtedly shape God’s calling on your life.

internship caWorship & Creative Arts Internship

If you have a musical or creative spark, this Internship is for you! You will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the Worship life of Bendigo Baptist Church across our campuses. Through your ministry placement, you will be able to grow in your strengths and develop the areas of weaknesses in your life as you grow as a Disciple.

You will be invited to spend time in prayer and Bible studies that enhance your faith and to better develop the creative worship expression of the church. You will be coached as you experience and grow to appreciate how church life ministry, and in particular worship, can help to create strong relationships between a people and God. You will have been given the opportunity to confidently grow in vision as well developing a sound working knowledge of the mechanical requirements of a church service. This includes Sound, Lighting, Video and Data equipment which beneficially compliment the life and health of the church.

What can I expect?

An Internship is an opportunity to commit a significant period of time to your personal, spiritual and character development. In many ways by undertaking an Internship you are saying that you prioritize your time and commitment, over anything else, to draw close to God and to be equipped to chase everything He has in store for your life. You can expect to be challenged and empowered as you experience growth, and celebrate the God's beautiful transformation in yours and others lives. The Internship will require an 'AFTR' approach to Missio-Dei (Mission of God) ministry: Available, Faithful, Teachable, Reliable. 

How long is a Bendigo Baptist Church Internship? When does it start?

An Internship is a three day per week commitment over 24 month to capitalize on your spiritual and personal growth that will result from the Internship. Please discuss, with the Internship Coordinator, if this time commitment will not suit your circumstances. The 2017 Internship commences on Monday 30th January. 

What Ministry and Theological training will I undertake?

You will undertake a Diploma of Ministry, (further study options are also available).  This study training pathway is provided in partnership with the Australian College of Ministries (ACOM).  ACOM is a Member Institute of the Sydney College of Divinity who offer internationally recognised higher education awards. 

The Diploma of Ministry is designed to be very practical and experience based.  The emphasis is on giving students a hands-on learning experience that is grounded in the ministry context of their learning cohort.  To complete the AQF 5 diploma, 12 units are to be completed over two years full time a part of the three day per week Internship.

There are 8 core units plus 4 electives. There is great flexibility in the program centred on four themes: the Bible story, the life of Jesus, personal formation, and hands-on ministry experiences.  The completed Diploma can be used as credit towards a Bachelor of Theology or Bachelor of Ministry. 

ACOM supplements accredited training resources with a supportive digital learning environment including; the Joule Snap learning management system; Ebsco online library; Grammarly writing support; and Collaborate video conferencing.

The Internship runs between Mon 30th Jan - Fri 22nd Dec 2017 and Mon 29th Jan - Fri 21st Dec 2018 *(some ministries may be required to serve over the Christmas period)

APPLICATIONS CLOSE - Thursday 12th January 2017 and Thursday 11th January for 2018.

How will I be supported in my study and ministry placement?

The Student support worker will support you to:

· Process what you will be learning throughout the trimester in the subject material through the weekly sessions of learning.

· Apply the sessional learning to your life and ministry.

· Question, challenge and explore confronting ideas.

· Seek clarification on difficult issues.

· Grow through healthy interaction with fellow students and themselves.

It is expected that you join as an active part of a weekly small group and source a suitable mature Christian mentor for your Internship term. This will involve personal short and long term goal setting, debrief sessions, regular prayer times and Bible engagement accountability. Your mentor can assist you to ‘journey well’ as you development and grow in ministry.

You will meet with the Internship Student Support Worker once per fortnight for ‘Internship supervision.' The Student Support Worker will encourage you, intentionally discuss and debrief you ministry experiences, set and assess personal and ministry goals, be a listening ear for questions and concerns and keep you accountable for Internship requirements.

How many days per week is an Internship?

An Internship is a 3 day per week commitment. This includes time allowance for prayer, study and training, ministry placement and development. There will be an expectation that you undertake a percentage of the course studies in your personal time. Some Internship streams will require commitment to Sunday service ministry. This load enables you to work part time to assist you financially through this period. The three specific days during the week that you will be required for the Internship will be negotiable with your ministry coordinator.

Does it cost anything to do an Internship?

The cost of discipleship is great, but you will not be charged any money to be a Bendigo Baptist Church intern. As much as possible we desire to be generous to your faith and your pursuit of a deepening relationship with God. There are costs associated with your formal study (details are listed below) however you may be eligible to receive Austudy and Fee-Help. Study Assist is an Australian Government loan scheme that helps eligible students pay their tuition fees for courses. Study with ACOM is Austudy & Fee-Help approved through the Sydney College of Divinity, for students who meet the Australian Government criteria. Visit for details.


Will I be paid to do an Internship?

Internships at Bendigo Baptist Church are unpaid. That means our interns need to develop a plan as to how they will financially support themselves during their internship and still have a day off to rest each week. This is especially true for Interns who have a family to financially support (spouse and children). It is up to the Intern to determine how much money he/she needs to survive.

A part of the interview process of the application process involves making sure applicants have a plan in place for their finances. The Internship is a three day commitment, leaving significant time available if you would like to pursue a part time job locally. We can assist in your pursual of part time work.

Who can do an Internship?

Internships are open to men and women who are at least 18 years old, who have a strong desire to grow both personally and in their relationship with God, and meet the following qualifications:

          Calling - Do you feel a sense of calling to be a Bendigo Baptist Church Intern? We see an example of the Holy Spirits intervention to direct Paul and Silas to speak in the Phrygian and Galatian region in Acts 16:6-10.
          Character - Do you have a character of integrity which aligns with 1 Timothy 3:1-13? An Intern is committed to ongoing personal growth through prayer, worship, bible study and Christian fellowship.
          Competency - Are you a person who demonstrates the love of God daily? Are you humble, teachable and willing to grow into the person God is calling you? Your friends, family and Pastor should be able to give testimony of your character that supports your claims in your application.

I am not an Australian citizen - can I still apply for an Internship?

We are currently not able to accept international applicants for the Internship program. We hope to offer Internships to International students in the future. If you have questions please email  


Do Interns become paid staff after an Internship?

It’s absolutely true that some of our graduate Interns have continued in a paid capacity, but a job shouldn’t be expected and it’s never a guarantee. We are looking for people who are passionate to pursue what God is doing in and through Bendigo Baptist Church.

Where are the Bendigo Baptist Church Campuses?

Interns will be involved in numerous ministry locations across Bendigo Baptist Church. Follow the links to view our ministry locations.

Junortoun campus: Google Maps – 757 McIvor Hwy, Junortoun, 3551

Eaglehawk campus: Google Maps – 10a Parsonage Grove, Eaglehawk, 3556

Bendigo City Outreach: Google Maps – 214 Hargreaves Street, Bendigo, 3550

What if I have more questions?

If you have any further questions or would like an application form, please contact the church office on (03) 5449 3033, or email
Please ask for necessary Pastors or ministry coordinators for specific inquiries: Children & Youth Ministry, Church life, Local Impact, Communications & Media, Worship & Creative arts.
Applications can either be sent to PO Box 27, Junortoun, Victoria, 3551 or alternatively emailed can be emailed to

Thank you for your prayerful consideration. We encourage you to discuss the Internship options with the relevant Ministry coordinator. We look forward to what God can do in and through you within this intensive and rewarding Internship experience.
Yours in Christ,

Brock Gravener
Intern Coordinator
(03) 5449 3033