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Sun, Jan 13, 2019

Sounds of Summer 13th Jan pm

A long while back, when we were still living in the UK, Alison watched a show called ‘My Family Gap Year’ and we talked about the possibility of doing our own gap year as a family somehow. We weren’t sure how or when or where, but as we have been living in Bendigo the question came back to us as long service leave loomed on the horizon from the start of 2018. We decided to give it a go and started praying and plotting to see if God would open some doors for us and make it possible. There was a few things we were looking for with the idea; – living in a simpler culture as a family to help us appreciate all we have here in Australia and help us experience a simpler lifestyle for a while – to be in a situation where we could be helping together as a family somehow, and spending time working through experiences together – to give ourselves a bit of a technology break and disconnect from our digital world somewhat – to make some space in our lives just to be stretched and grow together. Well, the doors opened for us and we went to the Solomon Islands on April the 10th 2018 for 6 months. This message is a bit about our experience.
Duration:40 mins 38 secs
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