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Focus 2018
Feb 2018

Our FOCUS series is designed to help us more fully understand what it takes to be disciples that make other disciples and followers of Jesus Christ. As we look at this over the next few weeks, we will be focusing on three key principles found within the scriptures that will help you and I accomplish God’s mission for our church.

Summer 2018
Jan 2018

Hot days and warms nights; something we often associate with summer, but summer is more than that: it is time for family, friends and fun; it is relaxing, rewinding and refreshing; it's time for connecting and reconnecting. We love summer at BBC - the summer gives us the opportunity to give some of our local folk the opportunity to share the pulpit and to give us a different perspective on God and His work in the community, both locally and abroad.

Feel free to join us and connect.


'Twas the night before Christmas
Dec 2017

Have you ever wondered what people were thinking and doing on that first Christmas night in Palestine? Some were hopeless in Jerusalem and others were busy in Bethlehem when God decided it was time to enter our world in the form of a baby. Let’s not fall into the same trap this year as we move into the festivity of another Christmas season. 

May 2017 - Jun 2017

God’s strategy, since the beginning of history, was to have his people bless the world. What does that look like in practice? How can we encourage one another to be a blessing to those around us without adding undue guilt or unrealistic demands? Over the next five weeks, we are going to look at a simple model that empowers us to live out our faith in authentic ways. It is about being good news and sharing good news with people, and restoring our neighbourhoods back to God’s dream for them. The invitation and the strategy is called BLESS. It’s a strategy that involves us praying for people, listening to them, sharing meals together, blessing others through service and learning to have conversations where we share with others what God has done and still continues to do in each of our lives today.

Extravagant Joy
Apr 2017 - May 2017

Life is often quite demanding and it has a way of pushing and pulling us in different directions. Joy for living is something that we all want but at times, it can be incredibly elusive. From time to time we meet people who seem to ooze unspeakable joy. How can we tap into that kind of joy – the kind that makes our journey as followers of Jesus contagious even in the midst of a crisis? Is it really possible? A little book written to a group of young believers in the city of Philippi would suggest that it is. From start to finish, this letter reminds us as readers about how we might embrace and experience extravagant joy in every season of life.

Mar 2017

The whole of scripture tells a story about a God who has generously poured out his love on each of us. It began in the creation story in the Book of Genesis as God formed man from the dust of the ground, as He put him into His own incredible garden with an abundance of good food to eat and then as He provided him with a close companion called woman. Even when the man and woman turned their backs on Him, God in His grace continued to keep reaching out and providing a way for humanity to remain in close relationship with Him, as evidenced through the continuing story in scripture. His generosity towards each of us is witnessed once again in the sending of His One and only Son, not to condemn us but to save the world through Him. Jesus was the embodiment of God’s gracious generosity and today it demands a response from us. Join us in our new series as we investigate how we might live out and reciprocate His generosity in the area of our time, tithe and even in the use of our talents.

Who are you? Discovering your identity in Christ.
Feb 2017 - Mar 2017

Our sense of self-worth is often shaped by the identities that our world/culture want to give us. For example, the world/culture says we are valuable because we are married, or we have a job, or we own a house, or we have finished university or a post-graduate degree, or we are popular, or we are beautiful. While none of these things is wrong, our sense of self-worth should never be found in what we DO but in WHO we are in Christ. In other words, what we DO is not WHO we are. Our identity is received, not achieved. 

And what we dwell on has the capacity to shape what we believe to be true about our lives (Proverbs 23:7 NKJV). With this in mind, we want to start our year as followers of Jesus Christ focussing on our true identity, In the end, it's because of WHOM we are that we DO what we do. 

Summer 2017
Jan 2017

Each of us has different things in our lives that we are willing to prioritize. As we start the New Year, some of us will make health and fitness an absolute priority. Others of us will prioritize the importance of family and endeavour to bring some balance back into our busy lives, and others of us will focus on our spiritual growth as a follower of Jesus and make this a matter of great importance or priority. What will you prioritize as you move into 2017? 

Christmas through Heaven's eyes
Dec 2016

The lead up to Christmas always provides us with a great opportunity to take a fresh look at the events surrounding the birth of Christ from a variety of different viewpoints. Over the years we’ve looked at the Biblical account through the eyes of Joseph, Mary, the shepherd, an innkeeper as well as some wise men from afar. We’ve looked at the Christmas story from all of these different perspectives, but this year we’re going to peel back the curtains from heaven and endeavour to see the story this year through their eyes. 

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