BBC Cares

We have been created by God to relate to one another. During this unprecedented time due to the COVID-19 crisis, we would encourage you to watch the live-streamed church service as part of your own self care and growth or join us live at every opprtunity you have.
Don't forget to call/video those to whom you are connected, to care, encourage and support them.

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How can we, at Bendigo Baptist Church help/support you?

If you require support, prayer, a friendly phone call to check on you, assistance with live-streaming, or a DVD of services because you are unable to live-stream, please complete the Care/Prayer Form.

If you are new to BBC and would like to connect with us, please complete the Connection Form.

If you would like to join a Life Group, please complete the Life Group Registration Form

Disclosure Statement: Any information given on behalf of another person must be given with their consent. The information given will be treated in accordance with the BBC Privacy Policy