Worship & Creative Arts


To watch the latest from Pastor David Lovell and the Ministry Team on how we are being the church during the COVID 19 crisis, click here. https://www.bendigobaptist.org.au/aboutus/corona-virus

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Corona Virus (COVID-19 ) update

Weekly Worship Teams:

Serving 1 church @ 2 locations - 4 services each weekend
Download the current BBC Song List here.

Youth Worship:

Providing opportunities for young people to learn worship, leadership and musicianship skills in a safe and caring environment.

Production Teams: 
Video, Sound, Lighting, Data, Staging

Creative Media Ministry: 
Video and Media Creation

BBC News - Video Annoucements/News Production

Church Promotions 

Church Service Capture and Streaming

Art - Dance - Theatre - and more…

At Bendigo Baptist Church, we value the use of the creative arts as a means of enhancing how we communicate the gospel of Jesus Christ and the mission of our Church. The sole purpose of the Worship and Creative Arts team is to lead our congregations into a meaningful and interactive relationship with God. Through the arts, we endeavour to help others discover and fall in love with Jesus Christ and to demonstrate the basics of our faith through example and artistic expression. 
Our musicians, singers and creative artists strive to provide an atmosphere of spiritual, technical, and social growth. 
We look forward to making your volunteer service an enriching activity. Our community is a team and everyone on the team plays an important role in the fulfilling the vision and mission of Bendigo Baptist Church.
Please contact Leighton Gates (Technical Director) to chat about how you can become involved in this exciting ministry.