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Like Him

Like Him

Feb 2023 - Mar 2023

How do we grow up and become like Christ? We become “Like HIM” as we abide and journey throughout life with Christ in the various spheres of our lives. During this series, we’re going to camp ourselves in the book of Ephesians looking at how we live and mature as followers of Jesus in some important environments such as the CHURCH, our FAMILIES, and within the surrounding WORLD in which we work, live and play.
For it’s in these spheres, or these places of interaction, that Christ does His work of helping us to grow up and become “Like HIM” in every area of our lives.

Sermons in this series
Sun, Mar 05, 2023
Series: Like Him
Duration: 37 mins 1 sec
Sun, Feb 26, 2023
Series: Like Him
Duration: 47 mins 59 secs
Sun, Feb 19, 2023
Series: Like Him
Duration: 45 mins 5 secs
Sun, Feb 12, 2023
Series: Like Him
Duration: 46 mins 3 secs
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