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Dec 2022

The season of advent directs our attention backwards and forwards. That’s its sole purpose. It reminds us that Jesus, the Son of God, has come and is coming again. During the busyness of this festive season, we remind ourselves of the hope we have in the ARRIVAL of Jesus – our Lord and Saviour.

Unexpected (Jonah)
Nov 2022

The book of Jonah is UNEXPECTED in every way. From beginning to end, we’re reminded of the truth that God is slow to anger, merciful and abounding in steadfast love, wanting all people to come to be in relationship with Him. Our God is the same now as He was then. His character and desire for all people to know Him hasn’t changed. How will we respond to His UNEXPECTED call, mercy, and compassion? Will we choose to be a part of His mission, or will we run?

Not Home Yet
Oct 2022

As believers, we live in the tension of the hope that is coming and the reality of the present. We are NOT HOME YET. This tension is summed up in John 17, the longest recorded prayer of Jesus. In His prayer, Jesus has one major concern: it is that the Father should be glorified through the accomplishment of His eternal plan. What does this say to us as we live in the tension of the here and the NOT HOME YET? In the midst of the chaos of this world, Jesus’ one concern (i.e. His Mission) must always be our first priority. What a privilege it is to be included in His mission.

Not Alone
Sep 2022 - Oct 2022

In John 16, the disciples are nervous, scared, and confused that Jesus is leaving, and the world will turn against them. Jesus tells them that no matter what happens next, they are NOT ALONE. The Spirit will guide them, the Father loves them, and Jesus will come back for them. No matter what happens, Jesus has won the battle. We are NOT ALONE, and we can trust Him with what we cannot see.

Jul 2022 - Aug 2022

As Jesus considered what lay in front of Him, He took time on his way to the Garden of Gethsemane to make His disciples aware of what was most important for the uncertain future they were walking into – remaining CONNECTED to Him. While specifically addressed to those first disciples, Jesus’ words have echoed down throughout the ages helping all believers understand how they must relate to Him, to each other and to the world in which they live.

Spiritual Rhythms that feed our souls
Jun 2022 - Jul 2022

Many of us often find ourselves caught up in the relentless grind of life. Whether you’re a homemaker juggling the demands of young children, a professional facing the unrealistic expectations of dissatisfied people or a student dealing with the deadlines of endless assignments, this daily grind can result in us living weary and exhausted lives. What’s the solution to this common experience facing us all? In this series we will rediscover some important spiritual rhythms that feed our souls, enabling us to live beyond the grind and thrive as followers of Jesus Christ.

May 2021 - Jul 2022
Generous 22
Apr 2022 - Jun 2022

All of us, at some point, have been impacted by acts of generosity. Although generosity is often associated with monetary gifts, generosity extends well beyond money to include small acts of kindness and compassion given to us by loved ones, friends and even strangers. Easter is the ultimate example of generosity. It reminds us that we have a GENEROUS God who calls us to be GENEROUS people in all areas of our lives.

King Jesus - Easter 22
Apr 2022

The Gospel of Mark chronicles Jesus’s journey from Galilee to Jerusalem and answers the basic question of whether Jesus was the true Messiah for whom Israel had been waiting. As we trace the steps of Jesus and His ragged band of Twelve through the final week of His life, we, too, must wrestle with WHO Jesus is and WHAT this means for our lives.

The Revolutionary Disciple
Feb 2022 - Mar 2022

Nothing is more radical or revolutionary than our answering the call to follow Jesus as his disciples. We want to play our part in changing the world and yet our pride often prevents us from fully submitting to Jesus’ lordship. This series will challenge us to a place of walking humbly in the footsteps of Jesus where we allow Him to have his rightful place in our lives – the drivers seat.

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