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Who are you? Discovering your identity in Christ.
Feb 2017 - Mar 2017

Our sense of self-worth is often shaped by the identities that our world/culture want to give us. For example, the world/culture says we are valuable because we are married, or we have a job, or we own a house, or we have finished university or a post-graduate degree, or we are popular, or we are beautiful. While none of these things is wrong, our sense of self-worth should never be found in what we DO but in WHO we are in Christ. In other words, what we DO is not WHO we are. Our identity is received, not achieved. 

And what we dwell on has the capacity to shape what we believe to be true about our lives (Proverbs 23:7 NKJV). With this in mind, we want to start our year as followers of Jesus Christ focussing on our true identity, In the end, it's because of WHOM we are that we DO what we do. 

Summer 2017
Jan 2017

Each of us has different things in our lives that we are willing to prioritize. As we start the New Year, some of us will make health and fitness an absolute priority. Others of us will prioritize the importance of family and endeavour to bring some balance back into our busy lives, and others of us will focus on our spiritual growth as a follower of Jesus and make this a matter of great importance or priority. What will you prioritize as you move into 2017? 

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