Ignite Youth (grades 7 - 10)



Who: Years 7-10

When: Friday Nights 7:30-9:45 pm (school terms) in the Novo Centre at Bendigo Baptist Church (Junortoun Campus)

At Bendigo Baptist Church we know that teenage years are an influential and impact-full time!  We want to help teenagers have God in the center of their universe and feel passion to live out their faith in Him in a meaningful and fulfilling way. 
Our vision: "Proudly God-centered, as we see young people saved to become worshipping disciples, who courageously live their faith 24/7".

A typical night at Ignite Youth involves a welcome/announcements/start-up segment from the leaders, followed by fun games/activities all together, then a God talk by one of the leaders or a guest speaker, followed up with getting into smaller ‘care groups’ (yr.7 & 8 boys, yr. 9 & 10 boys, yr.7 & 8 girls, yr.9 & 10 girls) for further discussion on the topic for the night.

The year includes special events such as combined sports night with other youth in Bendigo, 'The Game of Life', Messy Night, serving nights and so on.

For more information, contact Isaac Parkinson here