Small Groups


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Here at Bendigo Baptist Church, Small Groups are where Jesus and real life meet. We don’t just get together once a week in a home, but in the relationships that spring from the gathering, we grow and do life together.

The sole goal of the Christian life is to be and make disciples of Jesus, and are called to live our lives set apart for that purpose. We live out the purpose of our lives in our Small Groups. We exist to reach the world for Jesus Christ one person at a time, and making biblical disciples in relational environments is the model and method Jesus gives us to do just this. Biblical discipleship and spiritual growth best happen in and through intentional relationships. Small Groups are where we connect and grow in relationship with God and with others as we do life together, growing in spiritual maturity as disciples of Jesus.

Applications are always being taken for new small groups. Click here to apply to join a small group. 

Small Groups