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SideBySide is simply a way to connect people in our church together. We believe discipling is an integral part of life following Christ - and doing this one-on-one together is a powerful thing. An amazing way we can serve and love is to take another believer, often a someone spiritually less mature, and journey intentionally with them - this might look like catching up regularly to chat about faith and life with the aim of listening, loving and praying for them. But, it's important to remember we all have something to learn. None of us are beyond needing someone to disciple us. SideBySide envisions us each to have someone we can disciple and sow into, as well as someone who can disciple us.  


We aim to provide a connecting point between you and someone to disciple you and someone you can disciple. We aim to provide you with tools, support and prayer as you follow God in one-on-one discipleship. 


To connect people in the most beneficial relationships we first need to know a bit about you. Please take some time to prayerfully fill out this form. We'll then be in touch with you about matching you up with someone to disciple or to disciple you (or both!).


Click here for the SideBySide Questionnaire

 Thank you for being part of God's hands and feet in our world. 

  MockupSML For more information and tools for those discipling, download our information booklet here, or pick one up at a campus Connect Desk.